UltimateBet Review

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UltimateBet Review

The ultimatebet website is no longer available, although you can find a list of the sites that are still active on the Cereus Poker Network. These sites used to be owned by the Cereus Poker Network, which is now insolvent and no longer sm 카지노 processing player withdrawals. They are now owned by a private company called Blanca Games, which purchased the assets of Tokwiro Enterprises in August 2010. In the past, Ultimate Bet had been a popular online gambling site.


The company was created in 2000, and later went public. The founders of UltimateBet were Greg Pierson and Jon Karl, who had previously founded ieLogic and registered the name UltimateBet with the U.S. Patent Office. Despite the popularity of the brand, the company abandoned it after only a year. Despite this, the company was able to re-register the name in 2006, and eventually launched a new site.

The company behind UltimateBet is a software developer and does all of the marketing, as well as developing the software. The software is updated frequently, and the lobby is user-friendly for both experienced and amateur players. There are tabbed tables for Hold’em, Stud, Tourneys, Sit